a summer's loss
I went upstairs to my favorite teddy bear
down in the basement closet
washer/dryer can't think straight
those cans of paint.
I went outside to the maple tree
Where you and me would
salt the slugs and puncture jugs
with two tin cans with zero ends.
Raced the bike on my new skateboard
on plywood boards those tiny rocks
that tip the scales they send me flying head over...
Down the block, at the end of the line
and while the sun shines
Russell kept two caterpillars
until they grew wings.

Eat your burrito (shut up and dance)
don't make me turn this car around
Eat your burrito (shut up and dance)
And when you're through, you can come back down.
Eat your burrito (shut up and dance)
The road ahead is long and straight.
Eat your burrito (shut up and dance)
And when you're through, you can lick my plate.

Making masks from an old school shirt that's stained with dirt
and armbands from the Reynolds WrapTM and
I should hide this from my mom.
Locked away, we could tunnel deep inside the place
where the oil tank was just removed
and the weeds have not yet come.
The flap pulls back, and the sky's the color of a plumb
you can find the shade but not the calm,
escape the heat but not the sun.
In the mud, we could race two halves
of an old life jacket
Hope they don't get caught up in the havoc
down stream.

On the roof, in two folding chairs, electric air
We watch the tails of meteors go shredding up the sky.
About this time, it is all the more we ever asked for:
Front row seats to Armageddon
as continents thrown down from heaven.
Boil seas, and burn the trees
The Earth up-heaves.
re-drawing maps as towers snap
it hasn't happened yet (just wait).
count your wealth in favors un-repaid
Today, tomorrow is a bill collector
Bending up your pipe.
(he said "pipe"!)
frenchie stole my corndog