awful bright
She botched-up your bell curve, built a castle behind her eyes
With a bit of inspiration and a glance towards the sky
This Kid could learn to fly
She's got speed enough to flee, strength enough to fight
Insight of the ancients to separate the wrong from the right
This Kid is awful bright
(But leave the porch light on: she just might need the light)

Don't stay up late, don't wait by the door.
Don't tell her the things she won't believe anymore.
She's got her eyes on the deep and her feet on the shore.
She's got her head down tight.
She can skip to the end without changing her pace
She can start from the top and never lose her place
She's got her head down tight: this kid is Awful Bright.
Awful Bright

She blazed a path that's pure through everything perverse
She learned half the ways to praise and every way to curse
This kid couldn't feel much worse
She sees success with ease over everything she's tried
She picks apart the defeated, takes the pieces along for the ride
This kid's a slave to pride.
(She better think about the weather 'cause she's never coming back inside.)
Come back inside!

She thought the things she ought to think,
Matched pace with the greatest minds
Illuminates without a blink
So bright sometimes it blinds.
this kid is awful bright