hour silhouette
you could say there was nothing better
than what you could not see
and I'd agree, I should know better
but it takes time
all that leaves and you can't find,
all you can leave when it suits you fine
is everything we could know better
if God had more time
you sympathize with the leaves that blow down,
but am I better than your tree?
all at once we could stand,
we could stand still for ourselves
look at me, you could stay,
you could tell me that you just don't mind
if I can love better than you
a tree could leave itself

but there's one more exit in this old sign
there's one more that I can take with you
you can at least rely on this place
leave grace to time

if you could look you could see
your place inside of me
with a note, with sound
you see better when I look myself
one second, two,
all roads lead to three
hold tight, hold tight,
this won't hurt a bit
like a ring around your neck
can leave you feeling little devilish
all past irresistible,
another reason to take off my shoes
all I can do is look at you,
I could, I should
take off my shoes

and there's one more in the sill
there's one more I can't leave to time
there's one more silhouette
that I'm spying that I'm buying time for
there's one more cigarette
that I smoke with you I smoke with you
and if you can leave my lips
you can fly, back over here
fly back over here