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The album is complete!! Pre-sales will be available in December, with an official crazy-go-nutz release party in January '08! After several years of changes in the music and all our lives, and with the addition of a new member bringing drums and percussion to the sound, KL5's new album, "Draw", will be available for sale at The new work was produced, recorded and engineered by KL5 over the past two years and mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios; it follows the steel line through the old territory and continues west toward the sun into a new sound and builds a home there.

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Debut Release 2003

Steal the Plain Straight

KLONDIKE-5: Steal the Plain Straight

The first album offering from Klondike-5. "Steal the Plain Straight" collects six of their early songs back when they were an acoustic trio. Professionally recorded, mastered and manufactured, "Steal the Plain Straight" is available for purchase online at, and is available digitally at most of your favorite online stores such as i-Tunes and Napster.

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